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Can Sparklers Be Shipped On A Plane Or By Air?

May 18, 2017

  Wedding sparklers are the number one item that is a must have at weddings during the 2017 season. No matter when or where your wedding is taking place, wedding sparklers and its complimentary novelty items like the wedding sparkler buckets and heart sparklers are almost always found close by. Many of our customers are here in the United States of America; however, sparklers can also be used at weddings and venues throughout North America. The most popular sparklers among brides that plan destination weddings are the 36 inch wedding sparklers, Premium wedding sparklers, heart sparklers and then incorporate the wedding sparkler buckets. Brides, wedding planners, venues, and even grooms need to be safe and abide by the law when using wedding sparklers at their dream weddings. Unfortunately at this time you can not travel with sparklers by airplane or ship through the air. 

Call Airline & Ask About Checking Sparklers

  Regardless of which airline you are traveling with, there are constant updates on what you can and cannot take on the plane to your destination. Sometimes depending on the destination it self may deny you items from boarding the plane with you. With the daily rules and regulations changing for most airlines, it never hurts to give a quick call and ask about traveling with wedding sparklers to your destination wedding. In some instances the air line may provide you with alternate ways to get your sparklers to your destination as soon as you arrive.
Check with wedding venue destination if they have or can get
  Many venues and wedding planners that plan destination weddings or wedding in remote areas only accessible by air are knowledgeable in where to locate wedding sparklers and how to get them as fast as possible. There are few venues and event planners that purchase wedding sparklers in bulk and have them shipped by ocean freight to provide to their future wedding guests. Wedding sparkler products such as the heart sparklers, premium sparklers, 20 inch and 36 inch sparklers can be purchased in bulk along with the wedding sparkler buckets to be shipped at a lower shipping cost for customers that would like to go that route.
Flying With Sparklers

Destination Weddings and Wedding Sparklers

  Weddings across the world are considered destination weddings. The most known places are Hawaii, Mexico, and even Alaska and some other parts of the Caribbean. Destination weddings are the ideal dream wedding locations for that bride with a very high or no budget at all. Man y couples go the extra mile when it comes to their wedding over seas. Making sure every last detail is perfect as per the bride and grooms expectations. Wedding sparklers can not be rushed to destinations, they have to be planned in advance to take the proper measures and time constraints to get the package to your shipping destination on time.
The Law APA 87-1
There are many rules and regulations when it comes to shipping sparklers and other novelty items. Wedding sparklers fall under the APA 87-1 Rule. As follows:
NOVELTIES: Not regulated, excluding when transported by air when in conformance with APA Standard 87-1.
  Wedding sparklers can be transported and delivered with any form of shipping on ground basis. Sparklers will not explode in air; however, they can add to any combustion that happens to occur on the flight. Some passengers pack the sparklers in their baggage and get to their destinations with no problems at all. That is not recommended but sometimes work for people purchasing wedding sparklers. It is recommended to declare what you will be flying with and how much of it. This way the proper measurements can be taken to get them to your destination.
  If caught flying with sparklers you may be subject to a civil penalty or imprisonment. Proper packaging and shipping measures must be taken to ensure the package arrives safely and secure. The last thing you want is the package to arrive but be damaged or in a weathered condition. Wedding sparklers are heavy duty; however, if they are not handled with care or packaged correctly, they will be severely damaged.
Other Options Wedding Exit Ideas
  There are a few other options that can replace the wedding sparklers. We recommend the sky lanterns and the glow necklaces. Sky Lanterns have become a large craze with traditional weddings with the little touch to make it perfect. Our sky lanterns can fit in to any theme and give it that extra enchantment.

  The other option would be wedding glow necklaces. These can be worn during the celebrations and then removed easily to use as a wand in the air during the wedding exit.

  Here at Grand Wedding Exit we do not recommend carrying wedding sparklers or any sparkler product for that matter that do not meet special requirements on flights or within luggage to restricted areas.
Wedding Exit Sparkler Replacement

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