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Most Popular Wedding Exit Ideas

Most Popular Wedding Exit Ideas


  Wedding venues have now started to incorporate various wedding exit ideas into their wedding packages. With the growing popularity of many grand wedding exit trends taking over Pinterest and other social media outlets, many brides and event planner are taking advantage of being the first in their family to try them out. The wedding exit you choose is what adds that final touch and makes your wedding stand out from the rest. Wedding exits ideas can vary, however we chose to touch on the most popular wedding exit ideas for this blog. Those being wedding sparklers, sky lanterns, wedding glow sticks, heart sparklers, and cake sparklers. There are countless ways to use these novelty items. Furthermore, we use tips and tricks from top wedding planners around the United States to give you the best wedding planning tips and ideas.


Wedding Sparklers For Your Wedding Exit


  Wedding sparklers come in different shapes, sizes, and parts of the world. True wedding sparklers are doubled dipped to ensure a long burn time and stunning sparkles. These sparklers are nearly smokeless and ash-less. This enables the photographer to capture the ideal wedding sparkler photos. True wedding sparklers come in three sizes: 36 inch wedding sparklers, 20 inch sparklers, and 10 inch premium sparklers. It is important to find wedding sparkler made out of a steel wire core with the right amount of sparkle composite to guarantee a bright long sparkler at every exit. Our wedding sparklers are made here in the United States to ensure the lowest cost possible to our customers. This wedding exit ideas is among the hottest on event planners list this wedding season.


Sky Lanterns Wedding Moment


  Lanterns and other forms of Sky Lanterns are slowly creeping into the wedding scene. Sky Lanterns come in various shapes and quantities. They allow for you to use fewer sky lanterns per guests as opposed to every guest holding a certain item. You can have about three to five wedding guests on one sky lantern. Wish lanterns are also considered to be a must have for the ultimate night wedding. Heart sky lanterns come in red or white which light up the night sky after your wedding. Wedding exits are a special moment and should be treated as such. Our sky lanterns offer ECO friendly materials that illuminate brighter, and soar longer and higher than those of the competition. Wedding Exit Sky Lanterns


Wedding Glow Sticks


  When you have an electric dance floor it is a no-brainer to include wedding glow necklaces for your guests. Wedding glow necklaces are the life of the party once they turn on. Glow necklaces last 8 hours and are made of the brightest ingredients on the market. Most glow necklaces only last about 4 hours; however, we have designed and constructed our wedding glow necklaces to last longer and withstand the constant abuse through out the night by adults and children. Wedding glow necklaces can be used in various settings at your event. Head bands, necklaces, or to wave around during your wedding exit. The shutter capture with the glow necklaces add an extra flare to your grand wedding exit. Wedding Exit Ideas


Heart Shaped Sparklers


  No wedding is complete without love represented by a heart sparkler. Heart shaped wedding sparklers are custom made by our design team and are crafted with your special day in mind. These are some of the most unique heart sparklers on the market. These heart shaped sparklers are lit and sparkle until they touch in the middle of the heart sparkler. Sparklers are one of trendiest exit favors in today's market and the heart sparkler steps it up another notch. We offer heart wedding sparklers that can be used during the wedding exit of your dreams and help capture the best wedding photos. With an experienced wedding photographer you will be able to capture every memorable moment.


Cake Sparklers


  You always pictured the wedding of your dreams, and no where in your vision was regular cake candles. The perfect spark for your wedding cake are wedding cake sparklers. These cake sparklers are 6 inches tall, and sparkle like a fountain for about 40-45 secs. This is the ideal amount of time to capture the romantic cutting the cake moment. Wedding cake sparklers are being used at various venues and by event coordinators nationwide. With amazing feedback planners offer them to almost all of their clients. With the variety of imitation sparklers on the market, it can be easy to be misguided. The wrong cake sparklers can cost your entire wedding night. Your typical sparklers may not last long enough and can spray in wild directions which are dangerous to anyone around them. Grand Wedding Exit takes pride in offering true wedding sparklers for all events and celebrations.


Shipping and Handling


  Between researching and deciding what to do or choose for your grand finale, you will want to make it a priority to understand shipping time frames. With the constant need to make sure things arrive in time in a ordinarily manner, Grand Wedding Exit offers various shipping methods. Our most popular shipping method is our Free Shipping Method. Our Free Shipping Option can have your package at your doorstep within 6-14 business days. The next best option for our customers would be the FedEx 2-5 Day shipping option. The FedEx 2-5 Day shipping option guarantees arrival of your product between 2-5 business days. You can always contact us for reassurance on if the package will arrive to you in time. We also offer the option to ship to your venue directly to make it as easy as possible.


Sparkler Promotional Discounts


  We believe in giving our customers the best deal online for sparklers, so we offer seasonal promotional discounts. We also offer a variety of coupons to apply on certain wedding sparkler purchases. Saving on a few items in the wedding planning process will reflect in the end and you will see how much it has accumulated over time. One of the promotions that we are currently offering to our DIY wedding planners and event coordinators is the 15% off all products in our store. All of the products are already marked down to give you the best wedding sparkler pricing for the wedding season. 

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