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Sparklers At Weddings: How To Find The Best Sparkler

Finding Best Sparklers

  Wedding sparklers differ in shapes, size, and burn time. The greatest difference of sparklers is the smoke they can produce. Some wedding sparklers produce large amounts of smoke and other produce very little smoke. We are proud to say that our sparklers are considered true wedding sparklers that produce virtually no smoke! The reason other sparklers produce large amounts of smoke is because they are created with bamboo or wood shavings. Our Wedding Sparkler are made with a steel wire core to ensure the brightest sparkle with virtually no smoke or smell. This allows them to be used anywhere with a flawless photo every time!


Using Sparklers At Weddings For Exits


  Wedding sparklers are a great way to add that final touch to your event while remaining cost effective option. You do not want to miss the magical moments, so we recommend hiring the photographer that knows how to take photos of sparklers and properly adjusts shutter speeds. This is crucial when capturing 20 inch sparklers in motion for your photos to leave you speechless. When the bride and groom take their magical walk down the exit, there are numerous angles and photos that can be taken. This is where the right photographer can capture the most photos using little to know effects. This allows for organic images to be taken of you and your wedding party. After all, we do want to include our guests in this marvelous sparkler celebration.


  Wedding Sparklers are one of the most affordable trends of this years wedding season. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers are more than ideal for grand wedding exits and bridal party entrances. The Spring season is the busiest time of the year for planning and prepping for your wedding. More weddings are planned during Spring than any other season. The landscapes and scenery around the nation is breathtaking making this time of the year a no brainer. Our brides and grooms love to incorporate wedding sparklers to the end if their wedding night for that fairy tale touch. There are many tips on how to properly use sparklers at weddings. Our sparklers are made in the United States and with the highest quality materials. With our customers needing sparklers for their special day, we ensure the proper delivery times to accommodate them. The Grand Wedding Exit team has grown over the years and is able to supply and assist all of our customers across the nation in a fast manner.


Safely Using Sparklers At Weddings


  Over the years in the wedding industry we have received feedback from various event planners, brides, and venues for best results on using wedding sparklers. We have compiled the top five tips to execute if you plan using sparklers at your wedding. When lighting the sparklers, the best way to do so would be in groups of five using premium sparklers to help ignite them or commonly referred to as punks. First, you should only use a BBQ lighter to light any and all sparklers. If you received premium sparklers with you order light them first and then use one premium sparkler per five wedding sparklers. You can easily touch 5-10 sparklers to one premium sparkler at a time. This technique will help expedite the lighting process to allow more time enjoying the sparkle rather than starting it. \


  When organizing your grand wedding exit, one of the most over looked things is the announcement. The last thing you want is a chaotic scramble while starting your sparkling exit. We all know newlyweds want to look their best, and they can only do that with proper coordination when planning a sparkler celebration. The easiest way to start the grand wedding exit using wedding sparklers is to inform your band or DJ of the event. This allows them to make an announcement for the wedding guests to get ready for the big exit! You can work side by side with the wedding planner in this to guarantee a smooth execution. The person in charge of announcing will initiate how to light the wedding sparklers, what to do with the wedding sparklers, and where to dispose of them.


Cleaning Up Wedding Sparklers


  The grand wedding exit can be just that, a grand experience. However, after the last sparkle goes out, there has to be a disposal plan in process. Most events do not take this into consideration and are left with hundreds of wedding sparklers scattered throughout the venue. When this is the case, the newlyweds are fined for this clean up, and the used sparklers can cause damage to the venue if not disposed correctly. Our solution to this issue is using a sparkler bucket to hold the sparklers before use and after use! Wedding sparklers look amazing with any themed wedding or display. Wedding Sparkler Buckets can showcase a table beautifully and help make your wedding party aware of your pending sparkler exit. The Wedding Sparkler Buckets are silver heavy duty buckets with a brushed silver finish to ensure durability. By adding rice or sand to the bottom, you are able to have the sparklers stand up right and give them a place to cool down after being used.


  This will be the finale to one of the most important days of your life. So take all the time you please under the sparklers arches. True wedding sparklers can burn for four minutes! Kisses and hugs are popular, waves, and strolling through are also great ideas! With our wedding sparklers you can be stress free knowing there will be virtually no smoke, while achieving the brightest sparkle possible. Typical wedding exits are no longer popular that used to be such as throwing rice or throwing flower buds. There are new trends and wedding ideas that couples have done and shared via Pinterest to help spread the word! Using wedding sparklers as a part of your exit is a sure way to set yourself apart from from the typical wedding exit.


  We take into account that it can be a hectic and stressful time while planning your wedding. So we offer you a variety of shipping options to alleviate any added stress. In addition, we ship packages out the same day they are ordered online. We offer Free shipping which takes between 2-5 business day shipping. Our shipping options are precise to your location and offer the greatest flexibility for your wedding day. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers, 20 inch sparklers, premium sparklers, wedding sparkler buckets, heart shaped sparklers and sky lanterns are always in stock! If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us right away with our new chat feature for on the spot help!

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