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Wedding Sparklers and Your Wedding Dress

June 09, 2017

wedding sparkler that go with your dress

  Wedding dresses are the main attraction right after the bride and groom. We want to accent the sparkle from your wedding dress with our wedding sparklers. All dresses look stunning under the wedding sparklers, but shimmer differently. Between the various 20 inch sparklers on the market, it is easy to purchase the incorrect sparklers.

Sparklers With Your Wedding Dress

  It's safe to say short wedding dresses are having a moment. With short dresses going back as far as the 1920s and a major staple of the ‘60s, an increasing number of bridal designers drawing upon past decades for inspiration, and the rise of the nontraditional bride, more women are opting to wear short wedding dresses. We’re all about self-expression, so we love the idea of ditching the big wedding dress in favor of something more flirty and sweet. Besides making one stylish and unexpected fashion statement that will guarantee turning heads, the short wedding dress has a few perks that are certainly hard to deny: It’s less expensive, easier to dance in, has a lighter and cooler touch (in the spirit of approaching summer and all), allows you to show off some truly spectacular pumps, and you know, being able to go to the bathroom without the hassle and Maid of Honor in tow. And did we mention you can also wear it again? We think Yoko Ono, Cindy Crawford, and Audrey Hepburn were certainly on to something. Need more inspiration than those icons?
  The grand wedding exit can be spectacular if properly planned. Our Wedding sparkler are virtually smoke-less and ash-less. There are stories and stories flying up everywhere throughout the web including things like "sparklers ruined my wedding dress" or "they created a dangerous sparks and smoke". While some of these stories might be credited to low quality sparklers, a few of them are quite recently made up by individuals who believe that would happen.

The Right Sparklers For Your Wedding

  Luckily, there are a few quality assortments of wedding sparklers that are totally perfect to use at your wedding. True wedding sparklers will have a steel wire for their center instead of weak and brittle bamboo. This will make for a protected sparkle for everybody. Also, that there won't be little pieces and charred remainders tumbling down from your wedding sparklers. By purchasing quality sparklers, you can guarantee that your wedding dress will be free from getting holes and staining, and you can appreciate the enchantment that wedding sparklers offer your big day.
  Another huge advantage to having a steel wire center is that great quality wedding sparklers deliver right around zero smoke. This implies you can use your sparklers inside without dread of having the thick clouds or other appalling stories you can discover on the web. Besides, the little measure of smoke that wedding sparklers create while they're lit is totally non-dangerous on account of the way they are planned. As opposed to bamboo or wooden sparklers that create large amounts of smoke and have flames igniting of the sticks. True wedding sparklers are the only sparklers that are safe and reliable to use at your wedding.
  Additionally, our true wedding sparklers are triple dipped to ensure optimal sparkling and virtually no smoke. Due to these, you can use sparklers to add some shimmer to your wedding photographs or sendoff line without harm to your wedding dress, or issues with smoke. In regards to how long you have, our sparklers have different burn times. The 36 inch sparklers burn for 3-4 minutes, the 20 inch sparklers burn for about 2-3 minutes, and the premium sparklers burn for about 1.5-2 minutes. This gives you the time frame to capture those beautiful images. Also keep in mind the best way to dispose sparklers
Wedding Sparklers and Your Dress

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