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When To Order Sparklers For Weddings

When To Order Sparklers For Weddings

 Welcome to Grand Wedding Exit's Wedding Sparklers Blog! Our goal is to help answer any sparkler questions you may have related to weddings and events. We have numerous topics about how to best use sparklers for weddings and unique ways to make them apart of your special day. We wanted to discuss when to buy wedding sparklers before the big day arrives. A lot of brides wait until the very last minute and in some cases it may be too late. Below we discuss when the best moment to pull the trigger on ordering sparklers.

Ordering Wedding Sparklers Online

  When you have decided that you plan on having wedding sparklers you first need to purchase them from a reliable online sparkler company. Grand Wedding Exit has specialized in offering online wedding sparklers for over fifteen years. All of our sparklers for sale are made with a steel wire core which ensures a smokeless display. Each wedding sparklers is double dipped as well to ensure that each sparkler burns evenly. You do not want newlyweds walking through the tunnel of sparks as some of them have gone out. Every wedding sparklers from Grand Wedding Exit will burn evenly without any strong sulfur smell. Please take the time to research where you are buying wedding sparklers are from so you do not end up with below average or just ordinary sparklers. Not only do Grand Wedding Exit offer reliable wedding sparklers, but at the same time offer the most competitive prices online. A lot of online sparkler suppliers will mark up the cost significantly because they know you're using them for weddings.

When To Order Wedding Sparklers?

  The most popular question that we get asked when people order sparklers for weddings is when is the right time to order? Especially since you need to order sparklers online you need to set the proper time aside to receive them. We recommend ordering Wedding Sparklers one to two months before your wedding day. Every wedding sparkler sold by us have a shelf life of up to three to five years. Just need to make sure you store your sparklers in a dry and cool location. Avoid direct sunlight and getting wet and you can order your wedding sparkler as early as possible. We recommend storing your wedding sparklers in a closet and they will be ready for your big day!

Free Shipping On Sparklers For Weddings

  We understand how expensive weddings can be become so if you know you are planning on having wedding sparklers, Grand Wedding Exit offers FREE SHIPPING. We are one of the few sparkler companies that offer free shipping on all orders. Our free shipping on sparklers for weddings arrive quickly in just 2-5 business days. We also offer quicker shipping if you find yourself in a pinch before your wedding. Our Ground Shipping option will arrive quickly in 2-5 business days anywhere in the U.S. So even if you waited until the last moment for these wedding sparklers, we still can make it in time for your fairy-tale ending.
Wedding Sparklers Ship Same Day
  All Wedding Sparkler orders ship out the same day if ordered before 3pm eastern time. Where as most sparkler companies wait 1-2 days to process your order, all Grand Wedding Exit orders ship out FedEx/UPS. We understand you may need these quickly and our staff does everything in our power to help make sure these arrive as quick as possible. Grand Wedding Exit has multiple sparkler locations across the nation to ensure these arrive at your event or desired location as early as possible. It doesn't matter if you order a small or large amount of sparklers for weddings based on your location we will ship this from our closest warehouse. We are excited to announce we will be opening our fifth location in Arizona to help out our west coast customers and to ensure an even quicker turn around time. Once every online sparkler order ships we supply you with a tracking number so both parties can monitor where these are every step of the way.
No Express Shipping Of Sparklers
  All orders of sparklers must be shipped by ground transportation. Since a wedding sparkler is classified as a firework they are regulated and not allowed to ship via air. Unfortunately, all sparkler companies can not offer overnight on shipments as this would require them to be flown by a commercial aircraft.
Order Wedding Sparklers 1-2 Months Before
  Now that you are aware that sparklers can only be shipped by ground and we offer FREE SHIPPING if you plan ahead you shouldn't wait until the last minute. The most popular time to buy sparklers is typically 1-2 months before your wedding day. This will allow you to save extra money on shipping costs and be one less item needed to worry about. Weddings can become very hectic the last couple weeks leading up to it, so it's best to plan out everything accordingly and avoid the stress. If you have any about shipping times or what type of exit sparkler to purchase do not hesitate to zip us over an email. Our two most popular exit sparklers happen to be our 20 inch sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers. Each have their advantages and we help you breakdown which wedding sparklers is best for you in our blogs!  Don't forget to include our Heart Sparklers for fun bridal and dance photos! Please take a look at all of our other wedding sparkler ideas and tips! Have a fantastic sparkler send off from Grand Wedding Exit!

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