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Cake Sparklers


  • Cake Sparklers have a burn time of 45-55 seconds 
  • Birthday Sparklers can be used for all indoor & outdoor events.
  • Once these are sparkling they shoot a breathtaking display of 6-8 inches into the air.
  • Will leave no ash or residue on the birthday or wedding cake.

Sparkler Candles For Cakes

This is a great way to add a ton of excitement to the cutting of the cake experience. Today many wedding guests aren't as excited for this moment as we were in the past. What's a better way than wheeling out the wedding cake with these cake sparklers going off! Do not be afraid of any damage or ash falling onto your special wedding cake! All of our cake sparklers are safe for any type of dessert! Match your wedding sparklers with cake sparklers for a sparkling wedding day!

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