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36 Inch Sparklers

  • 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers are the Most Popular Send Off Sparklers.
  • All 36 Inch Sparklers have a burn time of over 3.5 minutes.
  • These Long Sparklers are perfect for all sized weddings. 
  • All Wedding Sparklers are made with Steel Wire Core for a Smokeless & Ash-less display.
  • Each 36 Inch Sparkler is hand crafted with a Double Dipped Process creating the longest and brightest sparkle.
  • Create the Best Wedding Sparkler Pictures as Newlyweds walk under a sparkler archway.
  • We recommend only one 36 inch sparkler for each wedding guests.
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36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

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End Your Wedding Night With The Perfect Wedding Sparkler Exit

• 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers have a burn time of approximately 3.5 to 4 minutes making them ideal for larger sized weddings of over 100 guests. 36 Inch Sparklers happen to be our most popular wedding sparklers for brides as they produce the best wedding sparkler send off pictures. Due to their length help create a sparkler archway or tunnel for the newlyweds to exit through.

• 20 Inch Sparklers have an approximate burn time of 2 to 2.5 minutes making them perfect for medium sized weddings. 20 Inch Wedding Sparklers are the most economical sparklers for weddings. 

• 10 Inch Sparklers have a burn time of approximately one minute and are great for intimate weddings. These smaller sparklers are safe for indoor & outdoor use. Which make these perfect for first dances and wedding toasts.

At Grand Wedding Exit we understand every wedding is unique and deserves an individual touch if necessary. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service if you are looking for a specific amount of wedding sparklers.

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